Tai Chi in the Park

Many of our carers have enjoyed Qigong classes with Mrs Hing Teh. Mrs Teh is organising  Tai Chi in the Park on World Taiji Qigong Day, Saturday  29 April. On this day somewhere in the world someone will be practising Taiji and /or Qigong, all starting at 10am in their local time, and this session is in Woodhead Park in Kirkintilloch runs from 10 -11.30am

The event is free but Mrs Teh is raising funds for CHAS – Children Hospice Association Scotland and donations are welcome. It is a very informal occasion, all are welcomed including your friends and family. If you stand in front of the Leisure Centre, Mrs Teh will be on the right side after the tennis courts and children’s play ground, among the trees and tulips.

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