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Carers Link Lowdown: COVID-19 vaccination for unpaid carers

This episode discusses COVID-19 Vaccinations for unpaid carers in Scotland. Jon and Katy spoke to Shubhanna Hussain from the Coalition of Carers in Scotland about vaccines, timelines, how to self-register and more.

If you’re looking for more specific information, the National Carer Organisations are hosting an unpaid carers Q&A on the COVID Vaccine and Vaccination Programme between 1:00 – 2:30pm on Friday 19 March 2021. Julie Hoey from the Scottish Government COVID Vaccine Policy Team will be attending the event to answer any questions that unpaid carers may have. You can register for the Zoom meeting for the event at the link below.

Register for the event here

To self-register as an unpaid carer for your vaccine visit the link below.

NHS Inform Carers Self-Registration

As always you can find the resources mentioned in the episode below as well as our contact information if you want to get in touch!


Carers Vaccination Self-Registration

Coalition of Carers in Scotland

COVID Vaccine for Carers FAQ

COVID Zoom Q&A Registration

NHS Inform – The COVID-19 Vaccine Information

OPAL Website

OPAL Helpline: 01414382347

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