Supporting Autism and Neurodiversity 4 week course – week 2

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Date(s) - January 16 2024
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


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This course is for  parents/ carers of  neurodivergent family members who may or may not have been diagnosed. It will be held on  zoom, and is delivered in partnership with DIFFERabled Scotland

There are question and answer sessions at the end of each presentation to provide an opportunity to relate the materials to specific participants. All of the sessions are supported with handouts of the presentation and additional materials.

This is the 2nd week of a 4 week course. Book your place on the course.

Week 1: ASD and neurodiversity – an introduction to the presentation and impacts of neurodiversity, explaining the different conditions and their overlaps. Communication – the differences and impacts on communication and practical strategies to support these.

Week 2: Processing differences – the differences and impacts if brain diversity and their impacts on function with practical strategies to minimise impact.

Week 3: Sensory Differences- understanding the sensory system and the differences common within neurodiversity. The impacts of these and practical strategies to minimise and manage impact.

Week 4: Arousal and Behavioural- a look at the impact these differences have on arousal levels and resulting defensive behaviours. Strategies to understand causation and to reduce and manage arousal and behaviours.
Getting it Right- Practical strategies to analyse behaviours and how to build intervention plans to support growth and capacity within our individuals. How to manage risk and minimise negative behaviours.

Week 5 (Optional but recommended to enhance and culminate your learning): Communication passports. Detailed information on how to formulate a support document for your individual, highlighting strengths and challenges and providing models and advice on content and uses. These documents help to understand presentation better and to guide self and others to adapt the environment to maximise potential. A valuable tool to have for those attending school, college, hospital, workplace or other establishments