Carers Link is a non-profit organisation which supports carers in East Dunbartonshire – anyone who provides regular unpaid support to a child, partner, relative or friend who cannot manage without their help.

We provide support so that carers can have the best possible quality of life both while they are caring and if their caring role ends.

We talk to the carer to find out what type of help or information suits them best. No matter who you are or who you care for, Carers Link is here to support you. If you do not speak English and want to talk to one of our team we can use a translator either on the phone or in person. If you want to do this please let us know what your name, language you speak, and your telephone number. It may be easiest for you to do this by emailing, or you can ask someone else to ask us.

You can also translate most pages of this website by using the Translate button at the bottom of the page and selecting your language. The translation is done by Google Translate, not a person, and so the translation may not be perfect.

If you are looking for advice around Coronoavirus (Covid19),  the doctors of the world website has both written information and video advice.