This is a first for us as we handed over the hosting reins to Sam and Cameron, two of our young carers. They interviewed some of the people involved in the Global’s Make Some Noise fundraising challenge which took place at the end of June.

We’re going back to the virtual office today for some light banter about books! A recent study by The Reading Agency shows that in the UK 31% of people are reading more during the lockdown. With that in mind, Katy spoke to Heather and Fiona about what they’ve been reading, some of their favourite authors, and more!

This episode was recorded during Carers Week and includes a discussion of why Carers Week is important and messages of thanks from our staff to carers as well as ways in which carers can continue to make caring visible to decision makers in the future.

To watch any of the Carers Week videos and our virtual variety hour, visit the What’s On section of our website here and for help with technology, get in touch about the Switched on project by calling: 0752040703.

We can’t meet people face to face, but we can meet them virtually. We know that a lot of people are not comfortable using technology, but we also know that if you can get over that fear there is a whole world out there waiting to talk to you. Carers Link has volunteers who can help you get connected, and we asked 2 carers who are Zoom newbies to tell us how they had found the experience, and the difference it had made to them.

This week we are celebrating Volunteer’s Week, when we take the opportunity to thank all of our volunteers for donating their time and skills to supporting carers and Carers Link. In this podcast we hear from people who support carers directly, as well as those who work more in the background. Thank you, all of you.

This episode is slightly different. Mandy Ferncombe, from East Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership joins us to talk about how carers can look after themselves under lockdown. Mandy suggests a range of resources which can help, and include:

Quit Your Way – Quit Smoking resources, or call 0800 916 8858

NHS Inform

Scotland’s Service Directories

The Eatwell Guide

East Dunbartonshire Health Improvement Team Website

All views expressed in this podcast are solely the views of the individuals and do not necessarily represent the views of the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, or Carers Link.

Clear Your Head

Anxiety UK

In this episode we talk to Christopher & Mhairi Claire, a brother and sister who care for their father while studying at university. It’s really interesting to hear abut their caring roles, and how being a carer has many similar impacts on life whatever your age – but also some significant differences.

This week our guests are Sam and Cameron, 2 of our young carers, and Amrit, our Young Carer Service Coordinator, and we are chatting about online games and how they can help in the current lock down situation. There are also some suggestions of games that you might like to play, and there is more information about these in the show notes.

This episode is about one aspect of Carers Link’s work – our groups, and is the first of our podcasts to include the voices of carers. It was recorded in two parts – before and during lockdown, and talks about why we run the groups and how we are continuing to provide that support.

This week we preview our digital version of What’s On with our guest contributor Heather talking about how we are still supporting carers in this changed world.