Whether you have recently become a carer or have been caring for many years, Carers Link aims to provide you with the support which best suits your individual situation and needs.

We can meet with you wherever is convenient - be that at our offices, in your home or out somewhere over a coffee. Perhaps work or caring commitments make it difficult for you to meet during the day, and evening would suit you better.  Or if it's easier for you to talk to us by phone or email then that suits, too - we aim to support to you in the best way that we can.

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Talking with others is a fundamental part of our lives, yet caring can sometimes make us feel a bit isolated. Sharing your thoughts with a trusted friend or family member can help a great deal, but there may be times when you would find it more helpful or appropriate to talk to someone outwith your family who will listen objectively.

Carers Link can provide one-to-one support, either with a member of our staff peer support team or with a trained volunteer. Carers Link volunteers currently support over 900 carers through Carers Call, our telephone support service. Each carer receiving this type of support is contacted regularly by a volunteer for a chat about how things are going.

If, like many carers, you have a time when you  are feeling particularly stressed, we have trained volunteers who can meet up with you regularly for coffee to discuss anything from your caring role to life in general, perhaps as time out from caring. You can choose whether you would like to meet up at our offices in Milngavie, or perhaps at a local café – whichever suits best. Each coffee support meeting normally lasts about an hour, and the aim of this service is to provide more intense, short-term support for approximately 6 - 8 sessions.

Support Questions


Our advocacy workers are happy to work with you over a longer period of time, exploring different options and trying to resolve issues whilst ensuring that your voice is heard. We can:

  • Complete a Carers Assessment with you and forward it on to Social Work
  • Listen to you and talk through concerns, exploring what the issues are and what you would like to achieve
  • Assist in taking what you want to say and drafting it into a letter
  • Help you to prepare for meetings by spending time with you beforehand, learning what you want to say and what questions you would like answered – these can always be written down in advance so that you are fully prepared on the day
  • Attend meetings with you, providing moral support and taking notes, thus allowing you to focus on what you want to say. If required we can remind you of issues that you had planned to raise, and even read out your prepared questions if you are not comfortable speaking in formal situations. We cannot, however, interpret your concerns or talk on your behalf  

If you would like to chat with us about advocacy, please contact us.


Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to attend to everything associated with a caring role, plus other family commitments - and perhaps a job as well.  Going out to meet up with a Carers Link advocacy worker may simply be too difficult for you to arrange alongside caring, but you can telephone our offices at any time during office hours and speak with a member of staff - we will do all that we can to help.

Carers Link volunteers currently support over 900 carers through Carers Call, our dedicated telephone support service. Each carer receiving this type of support is contacted regularly by a volunteer for a chat about how things are going. Many carers find this type of support very helpful, as they get to know the volunteer who regularly phones them and do not have to start from scratch each time. Carers Call gives you the chance to talk about anything at all, and to ask any questions you may have about their caring role.

If you are a carer and are interested in receiving Carers Call please contact us on 0800 975 2131.

Carers Call


We run several groups where carers regularly come together with others in a similar situation to chat, to share experiences or to hear relevant talks and take part in activities.  The latest information about all of our groups can be found on our Facebook page.

Please visit our Groups Page for full details.

  • Adults with a Learning Disability Carer Support Group
  • Blether Groups - for all carers
  • Dementia Carer Group - for those who care for someone with dementia
  • Evening Dementia Carer Group - for those caring for someone with dementia
  • Positive Me - for all carers, with the emphasis on getting out and doing something interesting and fun
  • Meet & Geek social group – for carers interested in computers & new technologies
  • Parents Group – for parents of children with support needs
  • Linked Up – for carers age 16-25; please click here to go straight to the Linked Up website

Carers Link 0800 975 2131

Perhaps you have an idea for another group that you would like to set up with our help. If so, please contact us. We can:

  • Provide advice about starting up a group
  • Help with finding somewhere suitable for the group to meet
  • Assist with administration and publicity
  • Provide access to an office computer and the internet
  • Identify other carers who may be interested
  • Assist in seeking funding

dementia group