Membership of Carers Link is free and open to any carer who lives or cares in East Dunbartonshire, and any individual with an interest in carers’ issues. Members are important to us, and they help ensure our services continue to meet carers’ needs.

You do not need to be a member to receive our services, attend meetings or to become involved with us, but only members can vote at our General Meetings or join our Board of Management.  As a member you’ll receive a Carers Link badge, a regular e-newsletter and a copy of our Annual Report.

If you support our vision and values and would like to become a member you can complete the or get in touch with us.

Carers Link East Dunbartonshire is a Company Limited by Guarantee. This means that each member agrees (guarantees) to contribute a sum of £1 maximum towards any debts is Carers Link goes into liquidation. We don’t intend for this ever to happen, but legally we have to let you know!