Fundraising at
Carers Link

All of our services and support for carers are provided free. We rely on the support of a variety of funders (you can see who these are in our annual reports) and we need the support of generous, thoughtful and committed donors like you. You can join one of our organised events, organise your own events or you may have your own idea.  If you’d like to fundraise for Carers Link please get in touch by emailing: enquiry@carerslink or calling 0800 975 2131

Fundraising Events

Organise your own event

Organise an event!

  • Hold a coffee morning or a race night
  • Guess your colleagues from baby photos or guess the Teddy’s Birthday
  • Have a second hand book sale or clear your attic with a boot sale

Whatever your event, if you are interested in organising something to raise funds for Carers Link, please get in touch – we will be glad to hear from you and will be able to help you help us!

Be sponsored to do something

Be sponsored to do something!

  • Carers Link is the first charity on the West Highland Way. Why not walk all, or even part of it?
  • Run in a half marathon, 10k or 5k.
  • Give up chocolate, shave your head, wash cars.

Whatever you do you can be sponsored to do it. If you know someone who is going to walk or run in an organised event, please ask them if they would consider being sponsored for Carers Link.

Nominate us

Nominate Us

Many supermarkets, companies and organisations support local charities through a variety of initiatives such as the green token initiatives:

Waitrose: Ask for a nomination form at the Welcome Desk.

AsdaClick here to go to the Green Token Giving Page and then scroll down to the find your local store button.

Does your work have a charity of the year – or will it match any donations made by it’s employees?

If you have any other ideas or need any help with nominating us please get in touch – just call 0800 975 2131 or email

We are normally open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00 pm, but appointments (by phone, person or online) out with these hours can be arranged. Currently mail is not being picked up from the office on a regular basis so if possible please email or phone us. During evenings and weekends, if you or someone you know requires urgent social work support, please call 0800 811 505.