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Caring can be all consuming, but it’s important to for you to take a break. Having a chance to ‘recharge your batteries’ helps both you and the person you look after. Often known as respite, there are now many options available which can include time to yourself in your own home, time away on our own or with the person you care for, and time when the person you care for is looked after by someone else.

When a carer has an adult carer support plan or young carer statement, the local authority must consider whether your support should take the form of or include a break from caring.

We can help local carers access some funding for short breaks and there also other sources of funding that we may be able to access on your behalf for either breaks, counselling, computers/tablets or help to go back to school/university.  For the majority of grants, there is a normal upper limit of £200 for grant applications however in extreme circumstances, we may be able to consider a slightly higher amount. The ScotSpirit Holiday Voucher Scheme has an upper allocation for breaks of £400 or £500 depending on circumstances and £200 for visitor attractions.

Carers have been able to purchase things that allow them to have a break at home or nearby. Some examples from our carers include waterproof clothing for long walks to allow them to get out the house even in bad weather,  craft equipment which distracts them from the stress of their caring role, and a chair massager to aid relaxation when normal therapies are unavailable. You can read more below.

To apply for any funding from Carers Link please read the applicant guidance by clicking on the button below, and then click on the application form button to complete and submit your application.

How a grant can help

One carer purchased a fire pit, which allowed them to relax in their own back garden.

The thought that I got a grant helped me as I often feel invisible with the focus always needing to be on the people I care for. It made me think that someone cares about me and recognises what I do. […] For a while my life and relationship with the people I care for seemed normal, pleasurable. It provided a short respite from the reality and stress.

How a grant can help

A young carer used his grant to purchase lego sets:

It allows our young carer to do something he really enjoys and it takes his mind off the current stresses and anxiety he is feeling. He is allowed to be a young boy for a while rather than a young carer.

How a grant can help

Several carers have used their grants to purchase home exercise equipment like exercise bikes. This has allowed them to do something for themselves at a time when they are unable to leave the house due to their caring role or coronavirus restrictions – allowing them to improve their physical and mental health, and feel a sense of personal achievement.

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