Vision and Values

Vision and values

Vision and values

Carers Link supports carers in the local area to have the best quality of life for themselves within their caring role. All of our work is guided by our vision and values which are:

Our Vision

Carers Link wants to see carers of East Dunbartonshire have the best possible quality of life, through help and support for their caring role and the opportunity to pursue their own needs, interests or work.

 Our Values:


  • Time for you
  • Recognising your individual circumstances
  • U M@R – you matter
  • Shared Experience – we’ve been carers
  • True to our word, we do what we say we will
  • Embracing change
  • Doing our best in all that we do

Time for you

  • Taking time to listen to people – coffee and chats are important.
  • Be compassionate, understand what is needed and help where we can
  • Support other people and accept support form them
  • Build and nurture relationships with others
  • Being willing to muck in and help each other

Recognising your individual circumstances

  • Supporting everyone equally
  • Actively challenging attitudes, views and/ or behaviours that could be felt as unfair or discriminatory
  • Recognising the role each of us plays makes a difference.

U M@R – you matter

  • Helping to create a space where everyone receives a warm welcome
  • Supporting each other through tough times
  • Reflecting on how your emotions and behaviours impact on others

Shared experiences – we’ve been carers

  • Showing empathy to carers and colleagues
  • Caring passionately about empowering people to use their knowledge and experiences to make change for themselves and others

True to our word, we do what we say we will

  • Doing the right thing – always
  • Don’t promise what you can’t deliver
  • Behaving in a way that builds a strong reputation for Carers Link

Embracing change

  • Having a positive, energetic and ‘can do’ approach
  • Welcoming challenge with enthusiasm
  • Focussing on the solution, not the problem
  • Being innovative and keen to learn form others

Doing our best in all that we do

  • Being self-motivated and determined to achieve – set the bar high
  • Being passionate about making a difference
  • Taking pride in our work and the relationships we build

We are normally open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00 pm, but appointments (by phone or online) out with these hours can be arranged. Currently mail is not being picked up from the office on a regular basis so if possible please email or phone us. During evenings and weekends, if you or someone you know requires urgent social work support, please call 0800 811 505.