Vision and values

Carers Link supports carers in the local area to have the best quality of life for themselves within their caring role. All of our work is guided by our vision and values which are:

 Our Vision

Carers want to see the person they care for have the best possible quality of life.

  • Carers Link wants to see the carers of East Dunbartonshire also have the best possible quality of life, encompassing help and support for their caring role, and the opportunity to pursue their own needs, interests or work.
  • Carers Link wants to see that the carers of East Dunbartonshire are both informed and involved and that their experience as a carer is respected and valued.

 Our Values

Dignity – Treating everyone with dignity and respect at all times.

Privacy – Respecting privacy and confidentiality at all times.

Realising Potential – Ensuring that all involved in Carers Link – staff, volunteers and carers – are encouraged to achieve all they can and make best use of resources. In particular, carers will be supported and encouraged to get the most from life.

Equality and Diversity – Treating everyone equally and providing support in an environment free from bullying, harassment and discrimination. In addition, valuing all carers, volunteers and staff for their ethnic backgrounds, language, culture and faith, and the contribution each can make.

Choice – Enabling informed choices and providing information on the choice range.

Safety – Ensuring that all involved in Carers Link – staff, volunteers and carers – enjoy a safe and secure environment.

Involvement – Ensuring that carers, volunteers and staff are encouraged to participate in the development and running of Carers Link.

Flexibility – Ensuring that services and support are provided to meet each individual’s ongoing or changing needs.

Carers Link is recognised as a charity in Scotland (Number SC034447) and registered in Scotland as a Company Limited by Guarantee (Number 270702).