Young Carer Statement

Young Carer Statement

Young Carer Statement

As a Young Carer you are entitled to a Young Carers Statement. The purpose of this is to identify your needs and how these affect your wellbeing, and to plan for the future. This will then support East Dunbartonshire Council in deciding which services, if any, should be provided.

You can download a copy of the young carer statement for printing (click an option below):

Senior Young Carer Statement (aged 11-16)

What happens at the assessment?

If you or your parents request it, someone from the Linked Up team at Carers Link, a social worker from East Dunbartonshire Council, or a member of staff from your school, must prepare a Young Carers Statement. This conversation is different from the one adult carers have. It will decide what kind of help you and your family might need. At the meeting, someone will ask you questions to help them build a picture of how your caring role is part of your life. A Young Carers Statement can determine whether it’s appropriate for you to care for someone else, and takes into account whether you want to be a carer.

If you are worried about the written copy of the statement, or any particular information, being shared with your parent(s) you should let the person talking to you know.

What happens afterward?

Afterward, Carers Link will give you a copy of your statement and it will detail what you talked about, what will happen next, and whether the council thinks you, the person you care for, or someone in your family should get help. Later on you will be told what help (if any) the council will give, and what help other services might be able to give.