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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is something that we may all feel at some part in our life. It is a natural and important response to situations where we may feel uncertain or when we feel under threat. For some people it can become hard to manage and you may feel overwhelmed by feelings of worry, stress and fearfulness.

There are lots of different situations and reasons why someone may feel anxious and you find ways to manage your anxiety and overcome those worries but if you feel that you are starting to become more anxious and the things you would do before to calm yourself are no longer working, then it is important to reach out and get help.

Below we have listed some of our tips that can help you manage your anxiety. Everyone is different and it’s important to remember that what works for someone else might not work for you, finding what works for you will help you manage your anxiety and allow you to take back control of how you feel.

It is important to talk to your GP if you feel that you need more support.

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  • Time to yourself
    Sometimes we feel more anxious when we have a lot going on. We may be helping others and forgetting to have time to our self.  Do more of the things you enjoy and practice self-care.
  • Breathing Exercises
    Breathing calms you down and often you are recommended to breath when you are in a difficult situation. Learning breathing techniques can really calm you down. Count to 5 slowly when breathing in and the same for breathing out, there are apps that can also give you information on guided breathing.
  • Going for a walk
    Getting outside and stepping away from a situation can often help you to naturally calm down and clear your mind. Put on your favourite music or podcast and enjoy time for yourself.
  • Facing anxiety
    Small steps to facing your anxiety is sometimes what can help. If you challenge yourself to face your fears, you may soon see that those fears start to lessen and you feel much better about certain situations. Taking the first step is the hardest but it often results in a positive outcome and makes you stronger.
  • Writing down your worries
    It can help if you keep a journal of times where you feel like your anxiety has been bad. Sometimes writing down how you feel, when you are calm, can help you evaluate the situation and maybe think of a solution on how to handle it.
  • Speak to someone
    if you feel that you are struggling and your anxiety is controlling a lot of your life it’s important to speak to a parent or carer who can offer further support or speak to your GP for information on steps to take to manage your anxiety.

Get Help

Here are some useful link to other organisations that can offer support specific to your needs.

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