The new disability benefits assessment system in Scotland will be delivered by Social Security Scotland in line with the Scottish Government’s commitment not to use the private sector.
Social Security Scotland will deliver face to face assessments to determine eligibility for disability assistance. They will significantly reduce the number of assessments by using existing evidence to make paper based decisions where possible. At the beginning of the new application process there will be a focus on gathering the right information to aid quality decision making, using existing data where possible and therefore reducing the number of appeals. They are currently exploring the potential for the Social Security Agency to access data that already exists in the public sector, to speed up evidence gathering.
In line with the ethos of dignity and respect, the Cabinet Secretary also announced that people will be able to access a flexible, person centred assessment service across the length and breadth of the country and outlined four clear commitments for the system.
First that there will be greater choice and flexibility over the timings of face to face assessments and the location where they take place. Second, home visits available for those who need them. Third, will be the introduction of audio recording of assessments as standard and finally, appeals tribunals will be allowed to access audio recordings to help their decision making.