Emergency planning

Emergency Plan

An emergency plan gives carers the opportunity to think about and document concise, relevant information on the person they care for. This information can then be used if they cannot care, in the short term, due to an unplanned event or accident. It means that in an emergency the practical arrangements for caring are set out, and the carer’s views and knowledge of the person they care for can be shared with others.

An emergency plan can prevent an emergency becoming a crisis.

The conversations that you have with family, friends and neighbours about the role they could play in an emergency can help them understand your role as a carer, and many carers find that their levels of doubt, worry and stress may be reduced through the actual process and completion of their plan. Identifying emergency contacts who could help in the event of an emergency also brings re-assurance and peace of mind.

You can complete your Emergency plan online by clicking on the red button. If you would like a paper copy of the blank form to complete  just  get in touch by phone or complete an online enquiry form.

The Herbert Protocol

The Herbert Protocol is a nationally recognised scheme supported and endorsed by Police Scotland. It is not intended to replace existing safeguarding and security measures but to provide additional support and reassurance.

It is an information gathering tool to assist the police to find a person living with dementia, or similar, who has been reported missing. It consists of a form that contains vital information about the person at risk that can be passed to the police at the initial point the person is reported missing. The existence of this information will save police critical time in establishing the history of the missing person and their potential location.

You can download the form here. Once complete, the form is retained by you as the carer (not the police), and a copy should also be placed within the home or care setting in a prominent position so that it is easily available to police if required.