Carers – respite

Taking a break from caring

A break from caring

We recognise that it is important for carers to have a life alongside their caring role, and that having a break away from your caring role or routine can support your caring relationship and promote your health and wellbeing. Having a break can also help the person you support and other family members affected by the caring situation.

Caring can be all consuming, but having a chance to ‘recharge your batteries’ is so important.  Often known as respite, there are now many options available which can include time to yourself in your own home, time away on your own or with the person you care for, and time when the person you care for is looked after by someone else.  There are lots of ideas of how you can do this and there are SOME IDEAS ON OUR WEBSITE and more on the SHARED CARE WEBSITE.  You can also speak to the Carer Grants Coordinator to explore this further.

When a carer has an adult carer support plan or young carer statement, the local authority must consider whether your support should take the form of or include a break from caring.

Apply for funding for a break

You can apply for a grant to pay for breaks or activities which are very individual, and personalised to your own unique situation.  The funds have different criteria, but you only need to complete one application form.

What to expect when you are considering a short break

A short break aims to support your caring relationship and promote your health and wellbeing. The type of short break that is right for you will depend on your own needs and circumstances.


Respitality is a Scottish Government project where businesses donate short breaks to carers. The breaks can vary from afternoon tea  or a beauty treatment to overnight accommodation. If you would like to donate a short break, or would like to take a break yourself, please get in touch.

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