Generous Inner Wheel Fundraisers in Kirkintilloch raise £900 for Carers Link

Presentation of inner wheel cheque

Presentation of inner wheel cheque

Picture shows President Margaret Pears and members of the Inner Wheel, Kathleen MacPherson, Morag Barron, Annette Adams, Dorothy Stewart and Veronica Regan, Fundraiser from Carers Link.

 The Inner Wheel Club of Kirkintilloch has once again proven their commitment to making a positive impact in their community by raising an impressive £900 for Carers Link. This invaluable contribution will directly benefit the young carers in Kirkintilloch supported by Carers Link, who often shoulder immense responsibilities and sacrifices from a young age.

Margaret Pears, President of the Inner Wheel Club of Kirkintilloch said, ‘After hearing an inspirational talk from one of the Carers Link Young Carers, the Carers Link Young Carer Support Worker, and their Fundraiser, our members felt that Young Carers in our community are often overlooked and we would therefore like to support them through Carers Link.  We are delighted that, due to the generosity of members and friends, we were able to make this donation.’

Thanks to this generosity, Carers Link will be able to offer summer holiday activities, providing these young carers with a well-deserved break from their demanding responsibilities. These activities will not only offer a fun and memorable time for the young carers but also serve as a crucial opportunity for them to connect with others who share similar experiences.

The funds will also go towards supporting residential breaks for the young carers, allowing them to take some time away from their carer duties to relax and rejuvenate. These breaks can be transformative, offering a chance to escape from the daily challenges and pressures they face.

Jennifer Roe, Chief Executive of Carers Link said, “The contribution from the Inner Wheel Club of Kirkintilloch will hugely benefit the lives of our young carers and demonstrates the power of collective kindness and compassion to uplift and empower those facing challenging circumstances.”

If you are interested in helping to support unpaid carers in East Dunbartonshire, please contact Veronica at Carers Link on 07827 062645, or donate directly online.

Carers Link team brave a wet and windy Kiltwalk

Kiltwalkers celebrate completing the walk

Walkers at a wet and windy Glasgow Kiltwalk managed to raise nearly £3000 on Sunday 30 April for Carers Link to enable them to continue to provide crucial services for unpaid carers throughout East Dunbartonshire.

Eleven walkers, carers and supporters from Carers Link took part last Sunday and between them clocked up over 125 miles.

Also, managing to walk over both the start and finish line was Chloe Donlevy who has 2 rare conditions resulting in multiple disabilities.  Chloe’s Mum, Clare, said, “Chloe has dystonia which affects the muscles all over her body but mainly in her lower legs and feet which means fully independent walking is not

Kiltwalk participants including Amy and Sir Tom Hunter

something Chloe has quite mastered yet.  She can only do a little supported walking at a time so her little legs worked extremely hard!  She had the best day and insisted on holding Sir Tom’s hand for the photo.”

Also pictured is Chloe’s big sister Aimee who is a young carer and provides constant support and love for her little sister so this was Chloe’s turn to give something back to Aimee.

Kiltwalk CEO, Paul Cooney, said, “We are so proud of the Glasgow Kiltwalk heroes for raising vital funds for 865 charities this year at Glasgow Kiltwalk and of course Carers Link East Dunbartonshire is one of those great charities!

Big congratulations to superstar Chloe and her family for completing their Kiltwalk challenge on April 30 and for raising awareness of Carers Link who play such an important part in the lives of many carers in East Dunbartonshire”.

Val is the Carers Grant Coordinator at Carers link.  She and her friend Colette made a mighty effort with the Mighty Stride – walking a whopping 22.7 miles. Val said “It is the first time that I have ever walked this distance but the thought of doing it for Carers Val and Colette at the finish with their medalsLink spurred us on, completing it in 8 hours.  Despite the weather, spirits were good amongst the walkers – everyone encouraged each other.”



If you are interested in helping to support unpaid carers in East Dunbartonshire, please contact Veronica at Carers Link on 07827 062645, or donate directly online.

Office Banter – new staff part 2

In this episode Katy chats to two new(ish) members of Carers Link’s staff – Claire and Veronica.

Claire works on our wellbeing project and talks about why you should get in touch, and what she can do to help.

Veronica is our new fundraising administrator and discusses how she hopes to increase donations to Carers Link. One way is to sign up to do this year’s Glasgow Kiltwalk, which you can do at Choose your length and then when you register type Carers Link as your chosen charity.

Carers Link Karate Star-Zane Longmuir

Local lad, Zane Longmuir, is 15 years old and a Young Carer for his mum Audrey, who has rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue.

Zane has trained in karate 2 to 3 times a week since he was 9 years old, encouraged by his teachers at Douglas Academy. Zane said, “I loved it the very first time I tried it. I like all the Sensei (Karate Instructors) who instruct. They are kind but strict and have always encouraged me to do my best. It’s just my mum and I, but even when she isn’t feeling well she makes sure I don’t miss my training.”

Last year he realised his dream when he was picked to be part of the Scottish KUGB Karate team representing Scotland at various competitions throughout the UK. Zane was able to cover the entry fee to the competitions by saving his Christmas and birthday money and access funding via donations, legacies and a Short Breaks Time to Live Grant all through Carers Link to cover the cost of petrol, hotel accommodation and food during the trips.

Zane said, “Not only was the karate great it was really lovely for my mum and I to go away for a weekend. It felt like we had had a holiday together. Something we don’t always get a chance to do. I felt very lucky that I have found a sport that I love and have made good friends through.”

Although Carers Link can still contribute some funding, they worry that this is not enough to meet all Zane’s needs, nor is it sustainable. Carers Link and Zane’s mum, Audrey, are now seeking wider support for Zane. Audrey said, “We truly appreciate all the support given to us last year by Carers Link. They have always supported Zane as a Young Carer but went above and beyond last year with the additional funding. Since my health changed years ago I have found it at times frustrating that I can’t work and provide in a way I once could.

Through these competitions, I have seen Zane grow in confidence and both physical and mental strength. He is able to meet and enjoy time with his peers as well as enjoy normal childhood interactions.”

In May 2022, Zane competed in the Scottish Championships and pick up a gold medal in the Under 16 Team Kata, a bronze in the Under 16 Individual Kata and a bronze in the Under 16 Kumite.

Audrey said, “He was so delighted and happy, and, for me it was just great to see him realise his hard work is paying off. I definitely believe he competed with more confidence and won those medals because of his previous trips in England.”

Audrey and Carers Link would now like to reach out to any organisation, trust, local business or individual that would be able to sponsor or help Zane continue his childhood dream. Zane was recently selected to compete in the World Championships in September and next month in the European Championships in Switzerland, where he is part of a smaller select
Scottish squad. Costs associated with this are estimated to be around £2,000.

If you are interested in helping to support Zane, please contact Veronica at Carers Link on 07827 062645, or donate directly online, adding the word ‘Zane’ in the reference.


The Lowdown Episode 53

In this episode Katy talks to Scott, Carers Link’s Employability Coordinator, about how our new service can help carers. They chat about the skills that you develop as a carer and how they are relevant to the workplace, as well as coping with working alongside caring.

There is also information about how Carers Link can help you in your job hunt, and the steps that you will go through as Scott supports you through the process of applying. This includes identifying your skills and potential jobs, helping you write your CV and complete applications, the interview process and beyond.

They also talk about the Carer Positive scheme, and the benefits to employers that employing a carer can have, and how working can benefit carers’ wellbeing – physical, mental and financial


Cost of Living Crisis

In this episode Katy talks to Iain Macdonald from East Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau about the cost of living crisis. They discuss tips to minimise energy costs and expenditure as well as explaining the help that is available and how carers can get help to access it.

Since the episode was recorded the government announced the energy price guarantee in addition to the £400 Energy Bills Support Scheme, and you can read more about that at

East Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau website is, and you can call them on 0141 775 3220 or email

Other websites which may be useful include:

Money Saving Expert –

Broadband social tariffs –


This week we welcomed Shannen Calderwood, our new Wellbeing Worker who came along to talk about her new role, why wellbeing is important, and how she can help carers whose wellbeing needs a boost.


You can find out about upcoming Carer Cafes on our latest events calendar

The walk we mentioned is on 1st September 2022, and can be booked through our website

Listen to the sleep podcast

You can contact Shannen by emailing or calling 0800 975 2131 or 07903 889 858

Sleeping better

This week is all about sleep! We were excited to welcome back Vivienne Tennent, a Health Practitioner with the Health Improvement Team. She spoke to us about the importance of sleep, tips and tricks if those Zs are eluding you, and gave us some great resources for further help. We hope you enjoy the episode and we wish you all a good night’s rest! And be sure to check out the resources below.

Sleep Resources:

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